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Artist Statement

A key aspect that my present practice centers around are the ideas of self, body, and mind and is expressed through the wide variety of materials, and media I use. How I see myself, my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and how I believe the world sees them and how others may interact with them are only some of the ideas I may explore in my works. I explore the theme of self with the subjects of my piece as well as through my chosen materials and how I construct the work.


Since I was young, I have always found myself being drawn to creating and making with whatever I had around or whatever I could get my hands on. Because of this, materials have become a crucial part of my creative processes. I love experimenting with novel materials that push the boundaries of sculpture. I am especially not opposed to diving into dumpsters or going into junkyards to find materials. I will also reuse, or find a use from scraps that I find around the workshop, studio space, or at home. Materials used range from anywhere from basic household objects, and toys to trash and scrap pieces of wood and metal. What it is, where it came from, and how it was obtained are all important questions I ask when I first look at a material; letting the materials guide me to the piece itself.


Adrian Scalzo (He/Him) is a mixed-media sculpture artist who, having grown up with an artistic family in the Washington DC metropolitan area, spent a good portion of his childhood experiencing the rich offerings of the many cultural institutions in the region. Recently, he and a group of fellow like-minded artists have established the Healing Artist Collective. Adrian Scalzo graduated in the Spring of 2021 with a BFA in Sculpture from George Mason University where he was also awarded the Academic and Artistic Achievement for Studio Arts of his Graduating Class.


Adrian has shown work with The Healing Artist Collective “Edges of What I Feel” in the Popcorn, Gallery Glen Echo in July 2024;  “Without Words” in Duke Hall, James Madison University in September of 2023; with Mason Exhibitions “The Healing Artist Collective: Edges of what I Feel” in the Arlington Gallery in the Summer of 2023; Mason Exhibitions “Sleeping Beauty” in the Gillespie Gallery in September of 2021; with Mason Exhibitions “Art and Design Senior Show” Online May of 2021; with Torpedo Factory “The Late Shift: Art on the Horizon” April 2019; and with George Mason University School of Art “Off the Wall” in February 2019. Adrian Scalzo will be working as a Sculpture Open Studio Instructor for the Spring of 2023. He has also worked with Mason Exhibitions as an Art Handler from 2019 until 2020 and for George Mason University School of Art as the Sculpture Studio Work Study Manager and Student worker from 2019 until 2021. He is currently the Secretary and the Exhibitions Committee Chair for the Healing Artist Collective.

Adrian Scalzo
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