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Artist Statement

          Adrian is a mixed-media sculpture artist. He grew up around the arts as his mom was a professional photographer, and both his stepfather and late grandfather are both painters and art teachers. Growing up in the DMV area and having a very art centric family has given him the opportunity to be exposed to many galleries and museums such as the Smithsonian’s. When he was young, he also always found himself being drawn to creating and making with whatever he had around or whatever he could get his hands on.

          A key aspect that can be seen throughout his works regardless of the materials used is the theme of the ‘self.’ How one sees themself, their thoughts, feelings and emotions, how Adrian believes the world sees them and how they may interact with the world are only some of the ideas he may explore in his works. He explores the theme of Self with the subjects of his piece as well as through his chosen materials and how he constructs the work.

          Materials are a crucial part of Adrian’s creative processes. He loves experimenting with novel materials, pushing the boundaries of sculpture. He’s especially not opposed to diving into dumpsters or going into junkyards to find materials, he will also reuse, or find a use from scraps that he finds around the workshop, studio space or at home. Materials used could range from anywhere from basic household objects, and toys to trash and scrap pieces of wood and metal. What it is, where it came from, and how it was obtained are all important questions Adrian asks when he first looks at a material; letting the materials guide him to the piece itself.

Adrian Scalzo
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